Climate Change is one the biggest issues facing the world today and yet apathy is often the response.  The course has three aims that reflect the strengths of the three partners (click here to read more about the partners):

Make People Conserve
As an ambassador you will be an eye witnesses to melting ice caps and scientific fieldwork.   Your challenge is to tell a compelling story of what you’ve personally witnessed to convince your friends, family and work colleagues to conserve their energy use.

Make Capitalism Care 
If you’re 18-30, chances are you’re either already working or about to start. Experts say in our capitalist world, the only way to find real solutions is if we make it profitable to be green.  How will you show business there’s another way?

Make Governments Listen
If you dropped an email to George Bush, Tony Blair or President Hu Jintao you might not expect much of a response.  But if tens of thousands of like-minded people all did, on the same day, on the same issue – it might be much harder for these world leaders to ignore.   How many can you engage in online activism?