Here’s a few sites we really recommend:

UK Flag
WWF’s website
UK Coalition of charities united in fight against climate change
If you’re too young to join the Climate Change College, check this out.  It’s theUK Government initiative on climate change, with a competition for 11-18 yr olds become ‘Climate Change Champions’
The UK’s Science Museum has an exciting programme of events on climate change and a pretty cool website.
UK student network of activists campaigning on human rights, the environment and world poverty.
UK for positive news publishing that covers all aspects of sustainable living, rarely covered in the mainstream press.
Dirty power stations are polluting the atmosphere, causing climate change and global warming. In this interactive game, switch them off as fast as possible to save our planet's treasures.

Netherlands Flag
WNF's web site.

Check out this communication platform on climate change.

Everything about energy and environment in daily life.

The Dutch weather institute explains everything you want to know about climate change in a clear and simple way, from the history, technical process and statisticsto newspaper articles.

Take action yourself, compensate CO2 emissions from air travel.

If public transport is not a feasible alternative, compensate for your car's CO2 emissions.

Share a car by taking a greenwheels subscription. In the major cities, you will most likely even find a greenwheels car in your street

Account your CO2 emissions to get insight where you can best reduce them.

            If you plan to talk to politicians to take action, first check out the Dutch government's positions and action regarding climate change.