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Could you do better than this?

I'm sure you can do better than this girl in your entry!!

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Ben & Jerry's on YouTube

Wanna see the Climate Change College in action? 

Go to youtube and get an insight into what the lucky ambassadors get up to in the Arctic.

After watching this no doubt you will be back to sign up for this year's expedition in a jiffy!

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An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' is being released in Ireland on the 15th September.  Visit, make your pledge to see the film and then make sure you go and see it!!

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Marc Cornelissen Comes to Dublin

On Tuesday, 29th August the lovely Polar Explorer and Climate Change expert Marc Cornelissen comes to Dublin to take part in the Ben & Jerry's 'Scoop Summit'.

Marc will talk about the issues surrounding Climate Change, tell of his experiences in the polar region and tell you a little bit more about Ben & Jerry's Climate Change College.  Not to be missed!

You'll also be able to taste Ben & Jerry's new flavour 'Fairtrade Vanilla'.

If you are interested in coming along, log onto our MySpace and leave us a comment or send us a mail and we will make sure to get you along.

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Ireland's MySpace

Be our friend on MySpace!

Go to and see the trailer to Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth', get invited to our events, find out how toxic you are and just feel special for being our friend!


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